Used Cooing Oil Collection The Safest and Cleanest Waste Oil Pick-Up Service

Our Biodiesel is produced from used cooking oil (UCO) that is collected from restaurants, hotels and factories. Tagaddod has an ISCC certified Used Cooking Oil Collection Point.

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Our Services

If you own/operate a restaurant or a hotel in Egypt, we would love to help you get rid of your UCO. With our high quality UCO pick up service, we grantee you a hassle-free UCO disposal, provide you with replaceable containers, free shipping and the best price you could get for your UCO.

- Get our UCO service

By requesting our UCO pickup service, you will get:

  • Scheduled routine pick-up: You choose how frequent your UCO containers are replaced, weekly or monthly, 
depending on your business’s oil usage. We guarantee empty containers on time!

  • On-call services:
    If your container reaches capacity in advance of your scheduled pick-up, we guarantee emergency servicing of your container within 48 hours.

  • Prompt/friendly customer service:
    Whatever your business requires we will deliver!

  • Cleaner process:
    Our operations staff provides an absolutely clean method of extracting oil we insure that your facility stays clean with no unsightly spills. Your containers are replaced with empty cleans ones every pickup.

  • High quality containers:
    We offer high quality containers to our clients, with the type and size based on your volume.

  • Green marketing:
    We can collaborate with you to increase awareness with your customers that you are a part of the solution for energy independence. We can work with you to create a Green Marketing scheme that is tailor made for your organization.

To benefit from this service, and to schedule a pick up time, please contact us on
+2011 000 71929

1 liter of waste cooking oil contaminates more than 100,000 liters of clean water.

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