Biodiesel (UCOME)

Tagaddod’s Biodiesel

We currently produce Biodiesel from used cooking oil, that are collected locally from hotels and restaurants or imported. In the future, we plan to expand our feedstock to acid oils and algae.

our Biodiesel meets the European standards EN 14214 and its quality was certified by SGS. Moreover, our production facility complies with the international sustainability standards and has acquired the International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC).

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Why Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is green, biodegradable and non-toxic fuel with similar properties to petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel does not only reduce carbon emissions, but it can also be manufactured from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, recycled restaurant, making it a great way of waste management. It is also produced from oil seeds and algae.

Who uses Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is being increasingly used by end consumers and businesses around the world as an alternative to, or blended, with conventional diesel.

Worldwide more than 100 million vehicles are filling up on Biodiesel blends. Biodiesel use is well established, with businesses around the world using Biodiesel blends for more than 20 years.

Travco Group, one of the leading tourism firms in Egypt, uses Tagaddod’s Biodiesel in its hotels’ vehicles, machinery and generators.

Why should you convert to Biodiesel?

  • Better for Your Engine: Because Biodiesel acts as a lubricant, it reduces wear and tear on your engine, reducing maintenance costs and extending engine life.
  • No Need for Long Term Investment: You can start using Biodiesel blend right now, with your existing diesel machinery
  • Easy to Use and Handel: Biodiesel remains blended with petroleum diesel so it can be easily stored and dispensed in existing facilities. Biodiesel is one of the safest fuels to use, handle, and store because it does not produce combustible vapors and has a higher flash point (300o F) than petroleum diesel.
  • It is Cleaner: Biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by over 50 percent compared to petro-diesel.
  • Waste Management: If you own/operate a restaurant or a hotel business, you can manage your cooking oil waste and utilize your resources by converting it to energy for your business.

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Worldwide more than 100 million vehicles are filling up on Biodiesel blends. It have been used for over 20 years by businesses and individuals.

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